California Parents Demand Schools Provide Shade After Playground Hits 145F During Brutal Heat Wave

Parents at a California elementary school demanded a shaded area be provided for children to play outside amid a brutal heat wave that swept through much of California.

Lockwood Elementary School in the East Hollywood area of ​​Los Angeles is among dozens of Southern California schools affected by severe heat this week.

With back-to-school season across the state and temperatures in Los Angeles expected to stay in the 90s through early next week, thousands of students won’t be able to safely spend much time outdoors. on their campuses.

Although temperatures are expected to cool down late next week, the effects of intensifying climate change mean that Los Angeles and cities across California will see more school days with intense heat in the coming years. to come, which will make it an urgent need to equip the campuses. .

The Los Angeles Times reported that more than 600 schools are listed in the Los Angeles Unified School District’s “Greening Index,” which ranks schools by how much asphalt and green space they have and have access to.

150 of those schools are in dire need of more green space, with a disproportionate number of those schools located in majority nonwhite South and East Los Angeles.

In total, only 16% of schools on the index—and only 10% of elementary schools—currently have the recommended amount of green space.

Earlier this week, LA School Board President Kelly Gonez introduced a resolution to establish a minimum of 30% green space on every campus in the city by 2032.

“We urgently need a system-wide solution to expand green spaces, especially for low-income communities of color who are most likely to be affected by climate change and extreme heat” , said Gonez, quoted by the Time.

“This is an opportunity for LA Unified to address these system-level inequities and expand green spaces where the problem is most pressing.”

Harold B. McConnell