Bay Beach Amusement Park Replaces Bay Beast Tower With Similar Ride

GREEN BAY, Wis. (NBC 26) – There are plenty of thrilling rides to choose from at Bay Beach Amusement Park. From Zippin Pippin to Sea Dragon to Tilt-A-Whirl.

But a thriller is not available – The Bay Beast.

“When that one came here, I really liked it,” said park-goer Ava Zietlow.

The Bay Beast was a fan favorite for many.

“I just miss it being the only ride that was one of the drop rides,” Zietlow said.

“Everyone seemed to like this ride,” said Bay Beach Park Manager Jason Arnoldi.

Arnoldi says the Bay Beast shut down before the season started. He says it would have cost around $300,000 to fix.

But fret not Bay Beast fans, because a round to replace him is on the way.

“We’re really confident in this upcoming race,” Arnoldi said.

Arnoldi says Friends of Bay Beach, the park’s fundraising team, is bringing an Orlando tour similar to the Bay Beast.

Earlier this week, the city council approved the purchase of the group.

“Maybe it will be a little faster, a little higher,” Zietlow said.

Well, Zietlow gets his wish.

“The new beast is going to be a little bigger and add a little more fun, a little more downtime,” Arnoldi said. “And we’re really looking forward to doing that here.”

Arnoldi says the incoming ride is 50 feet high.

It doesn’t have a name yet and needs some upgrades, but it could open by the end of the season.

“We’re just happy to get all the rides going, get an answer on the Bay Beast, and move forward on this one,” Arnoldi said.

Ready to be another thriller brought to a place loved by many.

“It’s really exciting when new rides come to Bay Beach,” Zietlow said.

Arnoldi says the Falling Star ride is also closed and the park is looking to replace it.

However, the park just announced on Friday that the Scrambler is open again.

Harold B. McConnell