An ultra-inclusive amusement park will be built in Wentzville for $70-100 million

WENTZVILLE (KMOV) – Ground is expected to break in early 2023 on the Spirit of Discovery Park in Wentzville. The 60-acre amusement park will be fully inclusive but will be designed with rides and attractions to accommodate children and adults with disabilities.

Jamie Mann is the president and co-founder.

“When we had a vision, it was joy for everyone. And our mission is to build this amusement park for all skill levels,” Mann said.

It will only be the second ultra-accessible amusement park in the world. The other is Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio.

Architect Rick Hill is involved in the design of the amusement park and its rides. He said he will be able to accommodate people with a wide variety of disabilities.

“We always think of wheelchairs when we think of special needs. Yeah. We are talking about hospital beds. We talk about all disabilities, whether it’s autism or epilepsy, we look at all the different ones and try to incorporate them here,” Hill said.

Spirit of Discovery Park will have rides that can accommodate wheelchairs. It will also have an arcade, wading pools and a dog park.

Hill said there will also be a garden that will be raised off the ground. He said the idea behind it is to allow children in wheelchairs to be able to pick pumpkins or other fruits and vegetables, right next to the vine.

The park will be very attractive for families with disabled children, but will also be designed for adults with disabilities.

“It’s also about the grandparent who is in a wheelchair and has oxygen. It’s about the parents who served in our military and came home not whole and wanting to do something with their child,” Mann said.

The amusement park is a non-profit organization and will be built with private funds, meaning no tax dollars will be used. The park is expected to eventually become a major attraction that attracts visitors from all over, based on the San Antonio Amusement Park visitor information.

“We’re looking at a national and international destination, which they estimate would bring about a million people a year to this park,” Mann said.

Hill said there will also be on-site classes to teach life skills to adults with disabilities to help them become more independent.

Amusement park organizers are expected to close on the property on May 8. For more information about the park, visit the Spirit of Discovery Park website.

Harold B. McConnell