Alexa Bliss Says Triple H Came With “Alexa’s Playground”

Many in the wrestling world are thanking Triple H after his announcement today that he will no longer be an in-ring contender. He confirmed the news today during an interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, saying he was “done” inside a wrestling ring.

Once news of his retirement broke, several WWE Superstars, including Alexa Bliss took to social media to thank Triple H for the impact he’s had over the years. One of Bliss’s posts that she shared with WWE’s official announcement, explains that it was Triple H’s idea for his “Alexa’s Playground” segments.

Credit: WWE

She says in the caption:The man who invented the concept of “Alexa’s playground” so talented in and out of the ring Thanks for everything @TripleH what an amazing career in the ring. #ThanksTripleH

Bliss also shared the photo of one of Triple H’s most iconic entrances at a WrestleMania event. At WrestleMania XXX he faced Daniel Bryan and when he entered he was joined by then NXT stars Bliss, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks. That was before those three names made it onto the main roster.

A photo of that moment was shared online today by the three women.

Several other female superstars have weighed in on Triple H’s retirement and thanked him for all he has done. Rhea Ripley share a photo of them during the Mae Young Classic. Bayley thanks him with a picture of the two when she was NXT Women’s Champion and he was WWE Champion.

Bianca Belair talks about a moment she will always cherish in between. Nikki ASH Mandy Rose, Beth Phoenixand Dana Brooke thank Him for the opportunities and for believing in them. carmel adds that he saw her as a singles competitor instead of just a fashion girl.

Several current NXT Superstars have also thanked Triple H. Some of the names include Cora JadeValentina Feroz, Zoey Stark, and more.

Triple H opens up about his health issues that led to his decision to retire, which you can watch below.

Harold B. McConnell