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ADAMS – The Adams Community Park Committee, formerly known as the Adams Playground Committee, has had a busy few weeks raising funds for what is now called Adams Community Park.

“Since January, we’ve just made really tremendous progress,” said committee member Karen M. Denny. “We created a master plan with Barton & Loguidice and Adams Village, which kind of kicked things off in many other opportunities.”

An estimated $54,000 has been raised so far, she said. The Village of Adams will donate more than $200,000.

The total cost of the project is still unclear, Ms Denny said.

She said the committee plans to apply for a 50% matching grant.

People who wish to write letters of support for park grant applications can email them to [email protected]

The Northern New York Community Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Council awarded $4,500 for the project in June.

The committee recently wrapped up several events, including the Strawberry Festival, Cheese Festival, Chicken BBQ and Ice Cream Social with ice cream provided by Stewart’s Shops. Stewart’s also awarded the committee $1,000.

Kathy S. Hannon, the secretary of the committee, said that between the surveys that went out and other events, 40 volunteers were recruited.

Ms. Denny said the committee received 135 responses to a survey of the South Jefferson Central School District. She said the information gathered from the survey was used by Barton & Loguidice to help create the master plan.

“The community support has been truly overwhelming,” Ms. Hannon said. “The amount of support we got for every event and every step we took, people were interested and actively wanted to help.”

Now, on the site where the park will stand is a small library supported by Owen Newton, a South Jefferson student in the Youth Philanthropy Council class of 2021-22. The library was built in memory of a former South Jefferson student who recently passed away.

Ms Denny said there will be a more definitive project schedule in December when the committee will find out if a grant has been secured. She said if the project wins the grant, the goal would be to innovate on the playground next summer – “at least on the playground part of the park.”

Those interested in volunteering with the committee can contact Ms. Hannon by calling or texting 518-524-2658 or emailing [email protected]

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Harold B. McConnell