A woman swings dangerously in an amusement park

A shocking incident recently took place at an amusement park that saw a woman hanging from a popular attraction.

Theme parks are places where families go to relax, experience fun attractions and escape the stress of the outside world. There are rides and attractions to suit everyone, whether a small toddler, a grown adult, or anything in between.

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No matter what theme park you visit, whether it’s a Disney park at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, or if it’s another popular destination like Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Hollywood Studios, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld or others, each has rules and regulations to follow to ensure your safety.

However, this does not mean that attractions cannot be subject to malfunctions, especially in carnivals and amusement parks which are temporarily installed rather than permanently fixed.

That’s exactly what happened recently when user @joeybrezinski captured the moment on TikTok.

BREAKING: Carnival rides around the world are breaking.


BREAKING: Carnival rides around the world are breaking.

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As you can see in the video, the woman has somehow slipped out of her seat and is hanging on dangerously. She is able to maintain a hold and the ride operator is able to slowly reduce the attraction. She has to turn her body around in the end, and luckily she wasn’t seriously hurt in the process.

It is not known what caused this malfunction.

ICON Park Orlando
Credit: International Drive Orlando

This isn’t the first incident to happen at an amusement park this year and thankfully the incident didn’t end in tragedy. One of the most notorious incidents happened last spring at ICON Park in Orlando when 14-year-old Tire Sampson was released from his seat while riding the Orlando FreeFall and tragically fell to his death. It has since been announced that the attraction will be demolished, and Sampson’s family has filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen defendants for negligence.

Just recently, a toddler was hit by a train at the Land of Make Believe theme park in Hope Township, New Jersey, and was left in critical condition after the incident.

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