A woman had her throat slit with a knife near the County Durham playground

A woman’s throat was slit with a kitchen knife as she tried to intervene and break up a fight between two men, a court heard.

Defendant Kieron Gorringe carried the knife as he chased and overtook a man who had been drinking with him and others at a house in Gilesgate, Durham, on the evening of February 3 last year.

Durham Crown Court heard that when the young woman arrived on the scene, Gorringe was fighting the other man on the ground near a children’s play area in Wakenshaw Road.

Richard Bennett, prosecuting, said she grabbed Gorringe by the shoulder to try and pull him away from the other man, but the defendant turned and lashed out with the knife, slitting her throat.

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Mr Bennett said there was immediate heavy blood loss and Gorringe thought she was going to die.

Others present began applying clothing to the wound in an attempt to stem the blood loss, as Gorringe was heard saying, “I killed her. I am going to prison for life.

Police arrived at the scene at 7:34 p.m. and the victim was able to tell that he thought he had been cut by the knife held by the accused.

Mr Bennett said she was taken by ambulance to hospital where the wound was closed in surgery and, although considered a “serious” injury, she was expected to make a full recovery.

The accused was located by the police and appeared to be intoxicated.

He was asked how it happened and he told a policeman: “It was me, mate.

“Please don’t tell me she’s going to die.”

Gorringe said he had been drinking earlier at home where two other men had a fight, so the woman who was eventually injured asked them to leave.

As they were being kicked out, he grabbed a knife and ran after them, and as he was fighting with one of them, the knife made contact with the woman’s throat.

Mr Bennett said Gorringe denied being reckless and told police he thought it was “reasonable” to be holding a knife in the circumstances.

The 27-year-old defendant, of Florida Street, Sunderland, admitted charges of unlawfully injuring and carrying a bladed item in public.

His file is said to include past incidents of violence, including a hurtful offense for which he had already served a 12-month prison sentence, in 2018.

Tony Corberg, in mitigation, said that immediately the inadvertent blow was inflicted, the violence ended.

“It was like he pulled through and realized the horror of what happened.

“He had simply put on the blinders.

“In his mind, there was no reason for her to be behind him.

“He took responsibility for it at the scene, without flames or apologies.

“He was terrified that she would die.”

Mr Cornberg said the defendant’s record shows he has “poor impulse control and problem-solving skills”.

The probation service’s pre-sentence report said Gorringe was acknowledged to be very remorseful, but he has had poor anger management since childhood.

Mr Cornberg said the defendant was now living a ‘much more structured life’ as the incident was a ‘red flag’ for him.

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“He worked six days a week, working for a property developer, building flat roofs.

“His substance abuse went down and he moved away from the peers he was around.”

Judge James Adkin told Gorringe the source of the disagreement at home may never be known, but it resulted in the ejection of two men.

“You thought you had to kick them out of the house and you caught up with them to fight them.

“The aggrieved party here tried to pull you away and lambasted you behind you.

“She got cut with the knife.

“It’s pure coincidence in this case that the injury wasn’t deeper or slightly to the left or right.

“Operations were needed and stitches, but she made a full recovery, although there was a scar on the front of her voice box.

“It turned out to be a very dangerous weapon, causing a deep cut to the throat, all very painful, but I am told that you are truly remorseful.”

Judge Adkin imposed a 30-month prison sentence on Gorringe, having reduced it by 25% from 40 months, to reflect his quick guilty plea.

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