A pop-up amusement park on the Oregon coast is the subject of a new documentary

LINCOLN CITY, Ore. (KPTV) — Large crowds are expected on the Oregon Coast for Labor Day weekend, and visitors to Lincoln City will be able to revisit what was once a hugely popular family destination.

Pixieland was a very popular but short-lived amusement park that ran from 1969 to 1975, and is now the subject of a new documentary by Peter Dibble called “The Forgotten Story of Pixieland”.

The park was built by the owner of what was a popular seafood restaurant in what is now Lincoln City, and it was called the “Pixie Kitchen”. Pixieland is estimated to have cost up to $2 million to build – adjusted for inflation which would be $15 million in 2022.

Pixieland had a Wild West town and many rides, including a train that circled the park. In fact, he had the very first round log ride on the West Coast even before the famous one at Knott’s Berry Farm in California.

During its short life, Pixieland was a major attraction that brought thousands of visitors to Oregon’s central coast.


The local Kiwanis club president explained what Pixieland means to this area:

“When Pixieland opened it was a huge deal. There weren’t a lot of entertainment options and Pixieland was a very big entertainment option – it was a huge deal. When the park opened, it was dedicated by Oregon Governor Tom McCall. It was something to see in Oregon and the Northwest,” said Geoffrey Peterson.

Pixieland only lasted six years. The park did not turn a profit and closed in 1975. Still, it is fondly remembered by many in Lincoln City, which even hosts a summer event called Pixie Days, a fundraiser for the area.

This weekend, people can see the documentary for free. “The Forgotten History of Pixieland” will premiere at the Bijou Theater in Lincoln City on Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

Along with the movie, you’ll also see artifacts and memorabilia from Pixieland.

The documentary is also viewable on YouTube and as of Thursday morning it already has over 400,000 views.

Harold B. McConnell