A deadly New York shooting outside a playground full of children in the Bronx

Suspects last seen on a scooter fatally shot a man outside a playground full of children in the Bronx on Friday, police and a witness said.

The 49-year-old New York City Housing Authority worker was shot in the head around 4:15 p.m. near the playground behind St. Mary’s Park Houses on East 156th St. near Westchester Ave. in Longwood, cops said.

Kevin Milton, 57, a doorman who lives in the neighborhood, said he saw the victim walk out of Captain Rivera’s playground when five shots rang out.

“There were kids everywhere running around and screaming,” Milton said. “We ran and tried to help him. He was hit in the neck, chest and side.

Two unidentified male suspects fled the scene on a scooter toward Westchester Ave., sources said.

“They were young and on a black and white scooter. They just sped off,” Milton said of the suspects.

Milton said he and other bystanders tried to stop the victim from bleeding, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

“He was bleeding from his mouth and it was pouring out like water,” Milton said. “People were trying to get him to sit down but he was vomiting more blood.”

“One guy was putting pressure on his neck, but that meant more blood was coming out of his mouth.” said Milton.

Doctors transported the victim to Lincoln Hospital where he died, police said.

Police were looking for the two people on the scooter on Friday evening.

Harold B. McConnell