$678,000 for Playground Mulch – Times Gazette

A recommendation to spend $678,278 to replace mulch at two Hillsboro Elementary playgrounds was approved Monday by the Hillsboro School Board.

Superintendent Tim Davis said the money for the project is coming from COVID-19 relief funds and the current wood mulch will be replaced with rubberized mulch over the summer. He said rubber mulch has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years and provides a cleaner environment for students.

“It allows us to get out more when it’s wet or muddy,” Davis said, noting that breaks in the school day are important for students.

He said the rubberized mulch will be placed on the playgrounds on both sides of the primary school.

During his report to the board, Davis said teachers will make up three of the district’s 11 calamity days from May 24-26, which will be used for professional development proposals. Students will not have to make up the days.

The board also approved a preschool tuition for the 2022-2023 school year of $150 per month or $100 per month if the student’s family is eligible for discounted lunches.

Preschool runs from September through May, and eligibility for free or reduced tuition is determined by completing the Free and Reduced Meals Application on the school district’s final forms system.

“If a student qualifies for free lunch, they will be eligible for free tuition. If a student is entitled to a reduced meal, the monthly tuition due will be $100 per month,” the new legislation states.

The board approved revised policies for clothing and grooming, weapons, grant funds, cost principles, sourcing, credit card use, and food service. Davis said most of the changes were in wording like the definition of a weapon.

The board also approved the following donations: an anonymous donation of winter coats for anyone in need, $200 from Buckeye Dentistry for the high school prom, $1,000 from the City of Hillsboro for the high school prom, $1,000 from the Merchants National Bank for the high school prom. the school prom, $500 from NCB for the high school prom, $1,000 from Rent-2-Own for the high school band, $1,000 from Boyer Territory for the high school prom, and $500 from the Southern Hills Community Bank for the high school prom.

Davis said most prom donations were made because the school is changing its prom format and taking charter buses to the Cincinnati area before prom for a 2.5-hour riverboat cruise and dinner. . The prom is scheduled for April 30, and the big march will take place at the school around 3 or 3:30 p.m. before the students leave for the cruise, Davis said. Students will return by chartered bus for the traditional ball, followed by the After Prom Party.

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Hillsboro School Board members (lr) Tim Milbery, Beverly Rhoads, Bill Myers and Jerry Walker are pictured during Monday’s meeting. On the wall behind them to the left is a banner recently found in the bus garage. Superintendent Tim Davis said no one knows where the banner came from. The banner on the right dates from 1911 and was donated to the school a few years ago. Davis said an uncle of his had 1915 banners with the same colors and design, but no one knows if purple, gold and white were the school colors at the time or when. they could have changed to red and white. Board Member Larry Lyons attended but is not represented.

The ball will include a riverboat cruise

Harold B. McConnell