5 Most Underrated NES Games You Need To Know

What I feel most impressed about the NES is: it offers a large library of game titles.

However, not all can become a hit like the Mario series.

Trust me – you’re probably not familiar with everything in the system.

Most people have heard about Super Mario as well as popular titles from Nintendo; the thing is – there are still some good games supposed to gain the public’s love and attention yet they turned out to be pretty obscure.

The NES system came to the gaming industry in 1983.

Unfortunately, that was the time when the video game industry nearly collapsed. I personally think this is one of reasons why several awesome NES games didn’t make to the best list.

In the article here, Pikoland is going to introduce top 5 most underrated games on the NES system.

1. Crystalis


It’s been 100 years since the civilization was destroyed after a nuclear war. Now the darkness has risen again. It’s your duty to save the world, as an amnesiac warrior. Overall, the story of Crystalis was unexpectedly dark, which hardly found in other contemporary games.

Released in 1990 by SNK, this action-adventure RPG is now considered a cult classic despite the fact of never became a hit. At the time, many gamers claimed the Crystalis gameplay wasn’t unique enough; nevertheless, it later gained positive reception.

Following its initial success, Nintendo launched a remake for Game Boy Color in 2000 with many changes. If you are a fan of the original, NES is still the best option to try out this underrated gem.

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2. Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Little Nemo: The Dream Master

The only thing I like most about the NES era is: their developers – these amazing people worked really hard for just the inspiration. Why did I say that? You must play Little Nemo: The Dream Master to feel and experience what I already did.

Little Nemo is a platform game launched in 1990 by Capcom.

The title was based on a Japanese animated film called Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. It tells a story about a little boy’s adventures in dreams. Entering the game, players need to help Nemo collect keys to unlock and proceed to the next level; at the same time, try to look for candy to feed a frog, a gorilla, or a mole for free rides.

3. Little Samson

Little Samson

Little Samson was created with the attempt to become the rival of Mega Man.

Published by Taito in 1992, this quality platforming video game was believed to beat Mega Man in terms of sales and popularity. However, the reality is not like expectation – game addicts had mostly moved on to the SNES and they unintentionally overlooked such a good 8-bit game.

Talking about the gameplay, Little Samson succeeded as it was absolutely fun and excited to play. Players can switch between 4 characters at any time. In addition, I love this game because of its incredible graphics compared to other NES titles.

4. Adventure Island

Adventure Island

Most of NES side-rolling platform games including Adventure Island, except Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man, usually ended up with not really good results.

Despite an awesome gameplay, this title was really underrated.

You must have a good navigation skill in order to control Master Higgins. The character will start his adventure with a stone ax; later, he will unlock many abilities like throwing fireballs and moving with a skateboard. The weakness of this 8-bit game is not the poor design but the limitations of hardware.

Produced by Hudson Soft, Adventure Island was released for the NES system in September 1988. The first purpose of developing this game is to make an adaptation of Wonder Boy, a SEGA arcade title.

5. DuckTales 2

DuckTales 2

While its prequel left a quite unforgettable impression, not many people knew about the existence of DuckTales 2, event NES enthusiasts.

Based on an animated series of Disney sharing the same name, this is another platform video game developed and launched by Capcom (1993).

The reason for its lack of public’s attention is because it came out a bit late in the console’s lifecycle. In terms of gameplay, there was nothing different much from the prequel, which is neither good nor bad. Like the previous game, the challenge is quite easy and short.

You are so familiar with Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid – these are some of greatest retro games of all time. But, have you heard or played any underrated NES classics?

With the Pikoland Guide here, you already know a few…right?

Although they are not popular, they were packed with the gameplay worth enjoying.

Leave your comment in the box below if having any question!

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