5 Best PC Games So Far In 2018

Winter is soon to come; and if you want to finish some games before wrapping up the year, then this is the right time.

2018 is believed a strong year for gaming…why?

There were a large number of highly-anticipated games released this year.

For those who don’t really know where to start, read this Pikoland Guide to find out which games are qualified as must-plays.

So far, I’ve picked out top 5 games considered as the highlights of 2018. These standout titles are surely worth a try, especially if you’re waiting for the rest of new games to be launched at the end of the year.

Also keep an eye on some best upcoming games at the end of this year.

Let’s see what is waiting for you in this

Top 5 PC Games You Must Play

1. Dragon Ball: FighterZ

Dragon Ball: FighterZ

From the creators of the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series, Dragon Ball: FighterZ is no longer unfamiliar with most gamers, specifically those who always expect incredible things from Arc System Works.

This game invites you to a battleground where you can meet all the anime’s recognized characters. They will play against each other in an approachable fighting system; and, the combat bursting with details is what players love most.

Dragon Ball: FighterZ offers in-depth tutorials and training modes for beginners, while story fans can try out the three-part campaign. As for veterans, simply challenge yourself with arcade or multiplayer modes.

2. Into the Breach

Into the Breach

After the success of Faster than Light, the creator team behind decided to come back with another randomly-generated strategy adventure game: Into the Breach.

Instead of starships, you will navigate mechs this time. Get ready for intense moments as you will fight against giant monsters. Plenty of fast, turn-based skirmishes will occur to determine the fate of the planet.

What if you get defeated?

This game allows the players to travel back in time and start the campaign again. Keep trying until you can achieve the win.

Into the Breach is a game of Subset Games released in February, 2018.

3. Ni no Kuni 2

Ni no Kuni 2

If you are into the open-world, action-focused JRPG genre, then give Ni no Kuni 2 a try immediately. Compared to the first game, this installment is really an improvement in every way.

What stands out the most is probably the amped-up combats. You will soon be blown away because of flashy attacks between characters. The game’s story is rich and mainly revolves around Evan, a purposely deposed king trying to reclaim his throne as well as fight for the peace of his kingdom.

Similar to the first game, Ni no Kuni 2 offers players lots of activities with an incredible depth and visuals. Basically, its endlessly charming vibes and bountiful content are what makes gamers irresistible.

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4. Minit


Here comes a game that will surely make you feel enormously frustrated.

Minit is a unique game which you have only 60 seconds to complete the task each day before the time runs out. Published by Devolver Digital, this is in fact a fun little puzzle game in the guise of a retro RPG.

With every decision made for different events, you must consider carefully as they are permanent even the game is over. Players can make use of shortcuts and alternative routes in order to save time as well as pursue another goal.

Although it is just a short experience, you shouldn’t waste your time. Try to do plenty of things before you are sent back to the start.

5. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity has proved that gamers these days still enjoy the older style of isometric RPGs. That’s why Obsidian Entertainment gladly presents Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, which brings you more excitement.

The second installment takes place on a cluster of islands, and the event already happened five years before its predecessor. Players’ objective is to run after an awakened god that has stolen a part of your soul. During the journey, you can explore many different places and encounter lots of people along the way.

If you are seeking out a fascinating game with rich factors to waste your time, don’t miss Deadfire. The game is now available on both PC and Mac in 2018.


These are some of best PC games in this year that you must play. This list is made based on my preference and experience; also, I check both ratings and reviews on to provide you the most accurate info.

All can be played on the most basic platform – the computer.

Of course 2018 has not ended yet…there’re still some incredible games waiting on the line to be released, such as Black Ops 4, Summer Mario Party, etc.

Be patient as Pikoland will bring more surprises to you!

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